Tractor Company in the world
by volume.


Can be used in multiple ways on any project where moving earth or heavy materials is required.


Precise, continuous operation even under extreme conditions.

When you need grading work done, the Mahindra RoadMaster range of motor graders is ideal for small to medium roadwork projects where precision is required, permitting hours of continuous operation in comfort.


Maximum productivity

It’s simple yet rugged construction enables maximum productivity. No matter your grading task, the RoadMaster G90 is the best choice for exceptional output at an affordable cost.


Affordable, un-compromised and mechanized grading solution

for South African terrain. The ideal machine for spreading and grading of earthwork in multiple roadwork applications across a variety of sectors, it is also suitable for railway and industrial plot-levelling operations.

Whether you’re levelling land, creating roadways, loading trucks, placing pipe, digging trenches or moving heavy goods, a Mahindra EarthMaster or RoadMaster provides the value-for-money that you need to get the job done.









Highly efficient DITEC engine

What you need to know

Compact and efficient with 10% more fuel savings*
Low noise and vibration from the engine
BS III and USA Tier III emissions compliant

* When compared to a standard excavation cycle.

Robust and powerful
Proven DITEC engine
The goal was to provide ample and reliable power combined with maximum efficiency. As such it offers remarkable fuel efficiency of 8 – 9 litres per hour*

* Please note this depends on how the grader is operated and the conditions under which it is being used.


Operator Comfort
The comfort of the operator is key to a productive day with the minimum of stoppages and the Roadmaster G90 was designed with this in mind.


The world-class HVAC cabin provides a comfortable workspace.


An ergonomic cabin design and seating for easily manipulated controls.


The cabin design provides excellent visibility from all angles.

Designed for

A spacious canopy, lockable storage spaces and mobile charging ports.


Features that set the Roadmaster G90 apart

Versatile blade

The ideal machine for intermediary applications in the spreading and grading of earthwork in multiple roadwork scenarios across a variety of sectors; it is also suitable for railway and industrial plot-levelling operations.

Active hydraulics

The RoadMaster G90 features an advanced active hydraulics centre pin dampening for precise finish in lesser passes. It offers a 50-degree blade rotation via the hydraulic cylinder mechanism. Another feature is load-holding with pressure relief valves for lift and a sensing cylinder.

Differential lock

To improve grip in slippery conditions, the RoadMaster G90 comes with a differential lock system. It includes a positional first switch to select one or more of the differential assemblies for operation in their locked condition and the second switch controls the locking of the differential assemblies.

Know everything about

the Roadmaster G90


Every construction project has something in common – the need to move earth or heavy loads precisely and efficiently.

Mahindra’s TLBs and motor graders are ideal for small to medium construction projects, where manoeuvrability and efficiency are of the essence. They can also provide a vital support role in larger projects.

A road grader will assist to clear debris and quickly level ground to provide a smooth and stable surface to make it easier to move around the site. It is also essential for levelling land for construction of worksite offices and drainage channels to prevent accumulation of standing water.

There are any number of instances where a mining project needs a multi-purpose earthmoving machine like the EarthMaster TLB and RoadMaster motor grader.

The EarthMaster TLB is ideal for tasks where moving earth or digging is a daily requirement. The backhoe is also well suited to small excavation tasks.

Where road-building or levelling earth is required, the RoadMaster motor grader can assist in creating temporary road access or levelling ground to allow for construction of worksite offices and to create graded slopes to keep the site free of standing water.

Heavy-duty trucks and other equipment are a key feature around mines and in quarries, and providing a firm, level surface for their use is critical to promote safe access and egress. Mahindra motor graders are purpose-built and ideally suited to this essential task.

Agriculture is one of South Africa’s largest industries and takes place in every type of terrain.

A Mahindra EarthMaster TLB can make a key difference in assisting in preparation of ground for planting or heavy-duty landscaping, including creation or diversion of water sources for irrigation. Completing these tasks with a TLB is much quicker and more efficient than manual labour.

Our RoadMaster motor grader can assist those working in agriculture in multiple ways.

  • Increase efficiency at preparing fields prior to planting to ensure they are smooth and level.
  • They are ideal for building or maintenance of roadways to facilitate access throughout your property.
  • Create terracing for planting on hillsides.
  • Finally, a RoadMaster can also assist in the construction of drainage ditches to help prevent accumulation of standing water.