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Mahindra SA was established in 1996, bringing both our global name and expertise to South Africa. Since then, we have become one of the country’s fastest-growing passenger vehicle and bakkie brands. Our success also led to the opening of our first local assembly plant in 2018. We strive to continue to make our Mahindra mark, offering the people of South Africa world-class products. ‘Rise’ has not only been Mahindra’s message but has also become an underpinned philosophy of our vehicle behaviour. We are a vehicle brand that redefines possibilities, continues to build and improvise, seeking new and innovative ways to connect with consumers, but most of all, we Rise to the challenge. Inspired by the spirit to continue to Rise and be up for any challenge, our goal is to positively impact our partners, stakeholders, and communities.


Since our establishment, we have expanded to multiple product lines to service the South African market. We continually bring new products and solutions to our local customers.


At Mahindra, we began our journey in Farm Equipment Solutions in 1963 by manufacturing tractors for the Indian farmers. These tractors, through their superior quality and reliability, have dominated the Indian market for the last 4 decades, with a market share of over 40%.

Close on the heels of this success, we ventured into the global market, with the aim of providing quality and affordable Farm Equipment Solutions to farmers around the world. Today, Mahindra Tractors is a name to reckon with in North America, Africa and Asia.

Consolidating our footprint globally, Mahindra is now the world’s largest tractor manufacturer by volume.

Mahindra is committed in driving farm prosperity across the world and today, we offer complete farm mechanisation solutions ranging from Tractors to Implements to Harvesters. Mahindra takes pride in partnering with you by offering efficient and dependable farm machinery that work with you at every step of farming to raise your productivity.


Let’s sow new possibilities… together.
Come, Rise with us.

*M&M LTD. is the largest tractor company in the world, by volume.

The Deming Prize is considered the Nobel Prize for manufacturing. The Farming Equipment Sector of Mahindra & Mahindra received the honour for establishing Total Quality Management in all business operations in 2003. Mahindra was awarded the Japan Quality Medal for Excellence in 2007 for customer focus, overall quality, and business processes – becoming the first tractor company to receive the honour.

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